NF Display July 2013

Finally, a new NF display! The space I use for displays was otherwise occupied for the past two months, so the May and June ideas will be used at another time.

I knew I wanted something outdoors, but I needed to avoid the overlap of topics with our summer reading themes.  I've had a concept for a theme based on Obstacle Course Racing and other such events (I blame Heather, but I can't be mad because she's so awesome).  One huge problem, while we have James Villepigue's Obstacle race training bible, that's really our main title that looks at OCR and other non-traditional/creative race events.  And it is always out (now that we can order books again we will need to look at expanding our coverage on this).  I'm also not much of a sports fan.

Regardless of my knowledge of sports (really, I can't tell you without checking what sports go with what seasons), I wanted to do something related to the seed idea tumbling about in my head.  So rather than focus on a mainstream sport, I decided to focus on other areas of sports.  The books dealing with basketball, baseball, golf or other sport focus on side aspects.  Just as the display sign says "The World is my (free) Gym" the display is about the world of sports.

Thanks Heather!

Now, if we had books about truly bizzare or unique sports I would have included them.  We have nothing on our shelves about cheese rolling or Quidditch.  However we do have books on the first under 4 minute mile, on the Harlem Globetrotters, on triathlons, and the list goes on.  I have excluded some sports, forgotten to include others, and perhaps over-represented others in the initial selection.  So this display is by no means a comprehensive alternative look at sports, but instead of mixing of ideas into a conglomerate of titles.
  • Jewish jocks : an unorthodox hall of fame / Franklin Foer and Marc Trac (eds)
  • Obstacle race training bible / James Villepigue
  • Andy Roddick beat me with a frying pan : taking the field with pro athletes and Olympic legends to answer sports fans' burning questions / Todd Gallagher
  • A people's history of sport in the United States : 250 years of politics, protest, the people and play / Dave Zirin
  • Fathers & daughters & sports : featuring Jim Craig, Chris Evert, Mike Golic, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Sally Jenkins, Steve Rushin, Bill Simmons, and others / introductions by Rebecca Lobo
  • People who sweat : ordinary people, extraordinary pursuits / Robin Chotzinoff
  • Hate mail from cheerleaders : and other adventures from the Life of Reilly / Rick Reilly
  • The healthy body handbook : a total guide to the prevention and treatment of sports injuries / David C. Saidoff and Stuart C. Apfel
  • Ultramarathon man : confessions of an all-night runner / Dean Karnazes
  • The perfect mile : three athletes, one goal, and less than four minutes to achieve it / Neal Bascomb
  • Warrior girls : protecting our daughters against the injury epidemic in women's sports / Michael Sokolove
  • First Off the Tee: Presidential Hackers, Duffers, and Cheaters, from Taft to Bush / Don Van Natta Jr.
  • Scorecasting : the hidden influences behind how sports are played and games are won / Tobias Moskowitz and L. Jon Wertheim
  • Bad sports : how owners are ruining the games we love / Dave Zirin
  • C.C. Pyle's amazing foot race : the true story of the 1928 coast-to-coast run across America / Geoff Williams
  • Tricksters in the Madhouse : Lakers vs. Globetrotters, 1948 / John Christgau
  • You are an ironman : how six weekend warriors chased their dream of finishing the world's toughest triathlon / Jacques Steinberg
  • Heart of iron : my journey from transplant patient to ironman triathlete / Kyle Garlett
  • A race like no other : 26.2 miles through the streets of New York / Liz Robbins
  • Ultimate fitness : the quest for truth about exercise and health / Gina Kolata


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