Update: BYODesktop

So last week I encountered a patron plugged into a port for a public computer on his home desktop.  Queue various techie security paranoia reactions about desktops of unknown security status plugged into ports that use for computers loading profiles off our server.  Fortunately after explaining why wireless was OK and the ethernet use was not he packed up for the day. 

Turns out this was not to be a one time occurrence as he returned the next day when I was out but with a wireless card installed.  This resulted in a slight altercation with staff as he went to the same location in order to use our peripherals, and wireless card or no, they had no good way to be sure the port wasn't being used.

The good news is things have been resolved.  The patron brings in his own peripherals, sets up at a regular table, and can play Steam games to his heart's content.  He's quiet and I see no reason that we can be the only internet access for people with laptops exclusively.  This means we don't have issues when someone wants to borrow a monitor when there are no extras available, and that until we get the computer I'm rebuilding into place we don't have to worry about an unknown computer docked at that station. Personally, I am still amused at someone bringing their desktop to the library, and would be a bit too worried about security if I had to get up for any reason, but whatever works.


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