Link Smorgasbord, June 24 - 30

Magic Rights Management for eBooks
I made mention of SiDiM last week in my collection of links, as well as it as an example of one of the reasons I distinctly prefer paper over ebooks.  Eric Hellman goes beyond my feeling of disquiet and actually discusses SiDiM on a broader scale.

So this could get interesting.

Amusing and revealing experiment in downloading free programs.

Useful resource, clunky page.

On ebooks, not just in regards to libraries.

Ouya launches for $99; already sold out on Amazon, GameStop
I'm intrigued by this little console, but I'm also not really in the market for any console at this moment.  Either way I will be keeping an eye on it, could be an interesting option for in house video-gaming at the library, or even possibly as circulating hardware.  We circulate e-readers and tablets, that doesn't make a $99 console seem all that unreasonable.  We might need to buy at least a second controller, but I think it would be fun to circulate an Ouya.

Authors for Library Ebooks
"The Authors for Library Ebooks campaign seeks to add author voices to those of librarians and readers in support of equitable access to digital content through libraries."


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