[Book Review] A Steampunk's Guide to Sex

A Steampunk's Guide to Sex / Professor Calamity, Alan Moore, Luna Celeste, & others (Combustion Books)
Prostitution, pornography, sex toys, dirty stories, BDSM, gay New York, can-can dancers, strippers,
tight-laced corsets, prudery, polyamory, consent, venereal diseases, piercings, birth control, aphrodisiacs, creepers, floggers, steam-powered vibrators, sex slang—mad historian Professor Calamity and his assembled crew of steampunk authors, artists, and performers share everything you want to know, and more, about sex under the reign of Victoria and sex in our modern subculture.
This is a fascinating little book, a mix of the modern and the historical.  We tend to view our preceeding generations as generally prudish and puritan (especially when you live in a state founded by Puritans), but people have been getting it on and getting off for centuries, and not just for procreation.  As Heinlein said "Each generation thinks it invented sex; each generation is totally mistaken. Anything along that line today was commonplace both in Pompeii and in Victorian England; the differences lie only in the degree of coverup -- if any."

A Steampunk's Guide to Sex brings together a list of fantastic authors on a diverse number of topics.  It is not a "how to have sex" book but about sexual innovation and exploration over the years.


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