OverDrive audio books to be solely MP3

OverDrive announces plan for audiobooks to be solely available in MP3 format

This is pretty big.  Currently there are various splits in titles you can borrow from OverDrive.  Books you can read on any device and books you can read on any book but Kindle.  Audiobooks you can listen to on any device (MP3) or audio books that you can only listen to on your computer or transfer to WMA compatible devices.  What makes me particularly happy is they are working to get the titles that libraries have purchased as WMA available in MP3.

Now, I don't know about most people, but I largely listen to audio books while I am driving... which does not do me a whole lot of good when I cannot listen to the book on any of the mobile devices I own (and know where they are... I miss you my sturdy little MP3 player).  Yes, a number of the WMA format audio books could be burned to CD, but when you get to books that are more than 200 pages long it gets really inconvenient. 

Say I'm on my tablet looking for the next book to listen to in the car, I use the ODMC app because it works well and remembers the different libraries I have access to.  I know my library has most of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files on audio book, but since they are WMA I can't even see them in the collection.  If I've checked one of these titles out on a computer, I'm not able to download it to my tablet.  Overall, it just makes for annoyance and friction.  So I'm pretty excited about this, OverDrive is still the biggest player in the library ebook market so they have some weight.


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