Virtual Speculation

I read a lot of books.  Some where in the range of 125-150 at minimum every year.  The topics and quality ranges all over the place, but my preference tends to lean towards the various sub-genres of Speculative Fiction.  I don't think that Sci Fi and Fantasy novels are automatically fluff, there are some absolutely amazing books in those genres.  They often also have some very interesting points of discussion woven in.

So to that end I've started an online virtual book club, Virtual Speculation, with a reading list for the rest of the year.  Right now the book club is a Facebook group, but we'll see how that works long run.  I have read many of the titles, and all of the choices stood out to me in some way.  The titles include high fantasy, hard science fiction, fable, near future, far future, and other facets of speculative fiction.

Reading List for 2014

February: The Last Unicorn / Peter S. Beagle
March: Nexus / Ramez Naam
April: Alif: the Unseen / A. Willow Wilson
May: Mappa Mundi / Justina Robson
June: The Shape-Changer's Wife / Sharon Shinn
July: Accelerando / Charles Stross
August: The Golem and the Jinni / Helene Wecker
September: Dust / Elizabeth Bear
October: Spellwright / Blake Charlton
November: He, She and It / Marge Piercy
December: Gibbon's Decline and Fall / Sheri S. Tepper

I hope you give at least some of these titles a try.


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